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Expat Life, Poppycock, Chuck a U ey, Tener Mala Leche, Our Upcoming Trips & More!

It’s that time already with another episode! We sat down to discuss expat life, contiki tours, the differences between visiting a place for a holiday versus actually living and working there. An amazing restaurant in Barcelona that you must certainly check out: Sant Joan You can find Sant Joan located here: Francesc Layret, 3. Esplugues…
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Podcast Preview!

It’s finally here! Our podcast! Let’s be honest, we had been planning on releasing it for a while now but you know, that one small thing called travel got in the way and kept us from actually sitting down and recording something. Who would have guessed that that would be the one thing that slowed…
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A Geordie’s tour of Newcastle … and it’s not all lip fillers and nights out in Bijoux

I recently went to Newcastle to visit one of my best friends, Suze. Although she grew up in Newcastle, we met over in Sydney and instantly became besties.  During our many crazy nights out in Sydney (shout out to the Metropolitan roof top bar and Establishment (stabbos!)) Suze would tell me about what ‘The Toon’…
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Guy and Girl outside Buckingham Palace

Our first blog!

Hey guys! We’re Mel and Rob and this is our first blog. We’re two 20-somethings living in London and met at a class to learn how to speak Spanish. We both love to travel, meet new people and share stories. I guess that’s why we became friends and decided to write a blog. Mel is…
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