LuckyTrip – Where will luck take you?

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LuckyTrip – Where will luck take you?

Imagine if someone said to you that there is an app on the App Store that found your next holiday destination in a single tap? It would almost be unbelievable right? Wrong.

LuckyTrip does just that.

Put simply, set a budget ranging from a minimum of £150 to a maximum of £1000+ and tap ‘Lucky’. It couldn’t get any easier!

Currently only available on iOS but coming soon to Android, it is undoubtedly one of my favourite travel apps that I have been using for some time now. It is beautifully designed, playful, easy to use and unique in the sense that not only does it find you somewhere to go (with transport options e.g. flights) that are roughly within budget, it also goes several steps further by finding you somewhere to stay and something to do whilst you are there. Details are provided about the location that you are going to, sometimes it is a fun fact or snazzy summary – either way, it will put a smile on your face.

“Does anyone have any idea about the weather?” 🤔

No problem, LuckyTrip has got you covered. A useful little description gives you an idea of what types of clothes to pack. Whether it is those that help you flaunt your summer body or those that keep you wrapped up warm, the feature is certainly welcomed.

“What about if I don’t like the accommodation or the included activity?” 😦

There is usually more than one option for you to swipe through. Whilst doing this, the price updates automatically but is still within the initial budget that you set. Clever.

Behind the scenes…

It really is impressive and the app has several partners that help power their service. For example, airline options are powered by Skyscanner which is a well-known website that helps travellers find cheaper flights, the latest deals and track prices. Another well-known partner who power the accommodation options provided in the app is, It is also a website used by travellers to facilitate finding cheaper accommodation with the help of competitive prices, photos and reviews.

Why is this interesting to know?

Well, if you’ve found this really amazing trip but would prefer a different flight, (if there is availability) you are able to change the flight. Another scenario could be, you are swiping through the accommodation options and would like more information – you can view photos, read reviews and choose a room suitable for your needs all from within the app!

I really appreciate the fact that you cannot simply search for a destination. If that were to be the case then it would make the app similar to a lot of other travel apps that currently exist today. The idea that you can set your budget and have luck decide where you go next is absolutely awesome. I have discovered some really interesting destinations that I had never considered visiting and that is something that has caught me by surprise. Now my bucket list is growing even longer and new destinations are constantly being added to the app!

This brings me nicely onto a feature called ‘New in the app’. This is in effect a series of posts about newly added destinations with attention-grabbing titles and awe-inspiring photos and videos that make you just want to say “Shut up and take my money”. A handy feature is the ability to save these trips for later. Oh and of course there is a ‘Lucky’ button which will find a trip for you.

Travelling solo or in a group?

The app caters for up to a maximum of 6 people. Just bear in mind that, with more people, the minimum budget will obviously be much higher than for 1 person and cannot be adjusted. Say goodbye to group chats and endless discussions on where to go, if you can all agree on a budget, let luck decide where you go next!

If you can be flexible with your dates then the app is even better because it will find you some of the best places at some very good prices. If not, the team has implemented a feature that allows you to pick your dates within 4 months of the current date. I have found this to be a more expensive method but again, you may find something that works for you.


There are 10 filters that range from: ‘Adventure’ to ‘Off grid’. If you change the default filter which is set to ‘Everything’, then you must pick a minimum of 2 filters in order for the app to find you something. There are also options to set accommodation preferences too – hotels, hostels and apartments.

Unique, inspirational and clever are the words that I would use to summarise LuckyTrip.

Whilst I have yet to book a trip through the app and have mainly been using it for travel inspiration (I have saved over 80 trips 😅), I am already in the midst of planning my 2019 travels and can definitely see this app featuring in some shape or form!

Download the app, have a play and let us know what you think!

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